Businesses may require administration for a variety of reasons. WARTS believes that administration should not be viewed as terminal, but rather should be approached as an opportunity to achieve an outcome – which in many cases, means ongoing viability.


Competitive environments can change rapidly, capital can dry up, markets can evolve quickly, and businesses can find themselves under duress to the point of needing to consider an exit strategy. Whether that’s administration, receivership, or liquidation – WARTS has the capability to help.

Our approach centres around engaging all stakeholders transparently, encouraging a team approach to maximise financial and reputational outcomes. WARTS’ proven expertise in this area counters the ‘Grim Reaper’ reputation, moving away from the blame and pain associated with the administration process that often overwhelms those involved, and capitalises on the underlying value of the business to deliver the best possible returns to all parties.

In the event that the administration process is usurped by governance requirements to enter into a receivership or liquidation state, WARTS’ team have the experience to assist the business in maximising its full return, in an orderly fashion, throughout the various exit scenarios.

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